Rosie, has spent some of her time creating, some Polymer clay babies, these sculpts, are receiving excellent feedback from the professional sculptors all over the web.  Just like her reborns, she has put 110% of herself into these unique creations.  I am sure you can imagine what it must be like to be given a blank piece of paper and been asked to draw a picture, well this is what happens with these little babes.  Rosie starts off with a block of clay and moulds and sculpts until the brick resembles a baby.  Just another one of her amazing talents.
take a look at these little angels here


Rosie, has also created some websets for your own website or your own Ebay auctions.  All of these have triple backgrounds, but are easy to use or implement into your web site or auction, you can see these here


Rosie has been writing poetry all her life, and we have collected a few for you to read.  Most reflect on an aspect of her life.  All of them come straight from her heart and are inspired by Spirit, which you will realise when you start to read them.  Read her poetry here



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Rosie's Bio

Rosemary Scott, has been creating "Reborn Babies" for over five years.  These have sold all over the UK and the four corners of the globe.  Her name is nearly as famous as her Nursery.

During her small bits of spare time, she turns her hands to creating other art forms, in the shape of sculpted clay babies, poetry, web pages and even watercolour paintings. All this is when she is not renovating her ever growing collection of dolls house's or cleaning her vast pram collection.